Janice Solimeno has always had a love for music and dance. She played many different instruments in school bands, but in college she switched to dance, dabbling in jazz, modern and ballet.

Currently she focuses on finding, teaching and enjoying the fun of dancing with a group of adventurous women and fire dancing with a group of crazy women. 
Though she explored the offered forms of dance at the university, Janice finally found music, rhythms and costuming that fit her spirit while watching Ultra Gypsy perform at the Desert Dance Festival.
Studying with Ultra Gypsy Director Jill Parker refined her love of Middle Eastern dance.

After debuting as a member of Ultra Gypsy in January 2001, Janice has since then co-founded The Indigo with Rachel Brice in 2003 and has been a guest dancer with several other groups including Bastet Belly Dance with Meliza Wells, Rogue Dance with Gibson Pearl, the Boiler Bar, and Del Fuego fire dance. 

Janice's other activities include working in the world of multimedia production and design, project & process management, software quality engineering, cycling, snow-skiing, scuba diving, world travel, doting on demanding cats and debating back and forth about how to bring her ranch-style home new life in this millenium.

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